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Biomolecular Lab
VERITAS is an interdisciplinary lab in Costa Rica.

A collaborative and innovation-driven space for education, research, and conservation.


The BIOMOL is the only molecular biology laboratory of a private university in Costa Rica. It is an interdisciplinary and multifunctional lab ideal for collaboration, research and experiential learning.


​Our projects address research questions in ecology, evolution and conservation of endangered species.


T​he BIOMOL offers courses and short term field courses in the areas of environmental sciences, as well as internships and services learning opportunities.


The Biomol hosts a group of interdisciplinary researchers from various fields, working on individual projects as well as collaborations with NGOs, public-private sectors and universities.



research & science

Deciphering spot patterns in the Pacific Eagle Ray

Did you know that there's not a category for Aetobatus laticeps (Pacific Eagle Ray) in the IUCN Red List? It's because this specie still remain as A. narinari (DD, Data Deficient). This was its previous description, now they are separated as A. laticeps in the Pacific and A. narinari in the Atlantic.

research & science

Identifying parasitic relationships in rays

Parasites host interactions are one of the most interesting relations in biology and can be used as ecosystem health indicators. By studying parasitic load we can identify potential disorders in the food chain, decline of host species and excess of pollution.

research & science

Studying the genetic connectivity of commercial fish in Costa Rica


Nurseries for the silky shark, where are they?

The BIOMOL laboratory studied nurseries of the Eastern Tropical Pacific and identified that there are 3 populations of silky shark, divided by their capture country: Ecuador, El Salvador and Mexico. We can also suggest that the Mexican silky shark migration includes Jalisco as a nursery area for this species.

research & science

Protecting a critically endangered hammerhead shark from their nurseries

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internships & service learning

Story of an internship in the BIOMOL laboratory

Hello everybody, my name is Jordi, I am an environmental biologist from Barcelona, Spain, and I will tell you a little about the experience as an intern at BIOMOL Lab.


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