Story of an internship in the BIOMOL laboratory

Author: Jordi Abad

Published: 01/04/2020

Hello, everybody!
My name is Jordi, I am an environmental biologist from Barcelona, Spain, and then I will tell you a little about the experience as an intern at BIOMOL Lab.
First of all, I’d like to explain why I chose this laboratory for an internship. My goal was to develop myself in the field of research within the group of sharks and rays, and after searching and contacting many entities and researchers, BIOMOL and its team gave me very good feelings and a great reception from the beginning. A perfect communication with an ocean in between, ended up triggering that by the end of October I was landing in Costa Rica ready to embark on an adventure of almost three months.
The first week in the laboratory was very intense, a lot of information about the projects they were carrying out and the activities they were doing with the students; I could not be more excited.
Since then I’ve been working, learning new things every day, developing new skills that I didn’t have the opportunity to work so hard during my degree. Both computer work with software, and laboratory work with super interesting genetic analysis. All aimed at one goal: to identify shark species; a dream come true. In the first photography you can see myself with a hammerhead shark (Sphyrna lewini), from whom we use a tissue sample to analyze their DNA.
In addition to gain new knowledge and experience after my internship, which I thought would be the case before this began, I was very lucky to work with an amazing team, both professionally and personally. The whole team welcomed me and we hit it off very well, not only were they lab buddies, in the end we were like a little family. The luck of being united by a common factor made it easier for us to help each other and, for example, the field trips were fantastic. They had everything: nature, science, responsibility and fun.
In conclusion, my stay at the BIOMOL Lab was a great experience that has helped me in my training as a biologist and a very well used opportunity to meet incredible people and a country with a spectacular nature.
"BIOMOL Research Team".Catalina Islands, North Pacific Costa Rica, December 2019.



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